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Beatriz has 16 year experience in the renewable energy sector, as an engineer, going through most of the stages involving the development and commercialization of a project.

Working on-site, as Project Manager for the construction of a wind farm in Spain, for Corporación Eólica CESA.

7 years in wind farm development, with c. 1250 MW (Spain, Hungry, Poland, Italy, Portugal and Greece) for CESA and then for ACCIONA. The last 3 years as an international technical responsible (engineering, micro-siting, production and due diligences).
2 years as a business manager for Spain and technical director in CAPITAL ENERGY, 6000 MW, for on and off shore wind farm projects, and photovoltaic and thermoelectric solar projects.
2 years as a technical sales director in ELECTRIAWIND, a mid-size wind turbine manufacturer.
4 years as an Independent Renewable Energy consultant: advising investors in WTG purchasing, developing teaching materials in renewable energy for CAF, managing operation and the sale of energy for mini-hydro plants and wind farms, certifying civil works for photovoltaic farm, certifying energy efficiency in buildings and advising an investment fund in the development of biomass projects in Spain and other renewable energy projects in LATAM.